About Aaswad

Aaswad Mohan is a Life Coach, Consultant and an Author. His actions are driven by personal mission ‘To Educate, Empower & Elevate People & Organizations’. He has delivered more than 100 talks for various organizations and authored more than 50 articles for publications across the globe on the topics ranging from Inspiration, Health & Fitness, Management, Leadership, Success & lifestyle. Aaswad aims to touch millions of lives with his talks & workshops.
He spends his free time reading, playing & organizing cricket, capturing priceless memories through his lens!

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5 Simple tips to achieve extreme health

1. Visualization:- Start visualizing yourself as the healthiest person in the world. They say, everything is created twice i.e.first in the mind and then next in reality. This principle holds true wit...

Tips for great life

# Life is simple. Do what you love today, don’t wait for tomorrow. If you find any given task difficult here are the steps to make it simple- Divide the big task in small parts. Do what you can by you...

Success road map

Are you wondering what this article is all about? Well, this title is taken from Life coaching sessions & guest lectures that I conducted at various Colleges in the city. Before we begin I should...

MBA – Choosing the right Specialization…

Almost all MBA students from Indian universities have this question in their minds as they begin with the 2nd semester. Well, this article will be useful for all such students who often get confused a...

Opportunities & Growth in IT sector

According to the latest survey, Information & Technology (IT) sector is one of the highest employment generating sectors in India. Companies usually absorb talent from diverse disciplines. This ar...

Global Certifications Myths & Facts

As the Information Technology sector has grown remarkably since the last decade and a half, number of Globally Certified IT professionals has increased at the same rate as the technology. Let us first...

Career in Databases

What is a Database? A database is an integrated collection of logically related records or files consolidated into a common pool that provides data for one or more multiple users. To manage database y...


  • 2018

    Started running and exercising regularly, which brought his ‘Life Energy’ back. The team that he mentored built a revolutionary software product called ‘SKliQ’.

  • 2017

    Created this portfolio. Delivered a talk in front of the NCC camp attendees at the lush green camp site. Also invited to deliver a talk at the Induction program for Management Students. Aaswad’s talks, articles and one on one sessions touched 25 thousand people so far in a positive way.

  • 2016

    Took a break and counselled people in order to elevate their lives. More than 10 thousand people are benefited from Aaswad’s one on one counselling sessions.

  • 2015

    Visited Alibaug, Nagaon near Mumbai. Danced on the stage for the first time.

  • 2014

    Travelled to Goa for vacations. Delivered talks at rural institutions as a part of ‘Rural Empowerment Mission’.

  • 2013

    Judged a national level paper presentation competition Xplore’13.

  • 2012

    Contributed more than 50 articles for various publications across the globe. Post graduated with a Management Degree.

  • 2011

    People started inviting to deliver talks at Business forums, Educational institutions, Start-ups, NGOs and Events etc.

  • 2010

    Started working on consulting assignments. Also Judged a Fashion Show.

  • 2009

    Started his own Technology Training & Consulting company named ‘ADC Infosystems’.

  • 2008

    Graduated with an Engineering Degree.


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