Tips for great life

Tips for great life

# Life is simple. Do what you love today, don’t wait for tomorrow. If you find any given task difficult here are the steps to make it simple- Divide the big task in small parts.

Do what you can by yourself.
Delegate or take help from others for what you cannot do.
Review the progress time to time.
Finish what you started.
Simple isn’t it?

# Ultimate purpose of life is to live fully, happily. List down 20 things that make you happy. If you notice, most of these things are not big things. Small things make us happy the big way. Ex. Going for evening walk, reading, posing crazy for photographs, meeting old buddies etc. Start doing the things that you listed for yourself and your life will have a new meaning & happiness. Once you feel happy, you will realize that you automatically started making people around you happy.

# Buy more assets than liabilities. Warren Buffet said, “If you buy the things you don’t need, soon you will have to start selling the things that you need”. So keeping above in mind, if you buy more assets than liabilities, you will be financially sound throughout your life no matter how much money you make

# Health is a big treasure. Well, yes it is ! Number one priority for everybody should be health. If you are not fit to enjoy your money and goodness around then it is of no use right? It’s good if you don’t have any disease or ailment. However, most people don’t realize that they should continuously strive to become more energetic, enthusiastic and fit even when they are not ill or diseased. So start sparing time for exercise, meditation and make it a relaxing experience. Secondly, eating good, light & healthy food is as important as breath to life.

# Make good friends. It is said that you will become what you surround yourself with. So it’s important to make good friends. Most successful people are those who surround themselves to friends who inspire them and good books which elevate them to do the things. Well not a bad choice at all!

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